Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Having An Older Woman as a Lover - Can Be Addicting!

Sex with an older woman can be addicting!  It will also make you a Better lover.

Here are 5 reason why you should be with an older woman:

1.  An older woman or Cougar will teach you how to Communicate.
She is not afraid to tell you what she like or how to go about it.  "I don't like this" or "Why not try it this way?"  She is comfortable communication what and how she likes things done, and in turn this will make you more comfortable to communicate back the things you enjoy.
The best partner is one who listens and knows how to communicate.

2.  Older women are less Inhibited.
Usually they are proud of their bodies, as they take care of themselves.  They eat right, they work out and feel good about themselves.  They are confident and have high self esteem.  A couple of stretch marks here and there is not a crisis, and it's not the end of the world if you arrive and her hair is still wet from the shower.  She is ready to get a little sloppy and dirty - this will in turn make you feel less inhibited.

3.  Older Women have more Experience
She has usually had multiple partners, been married before or had long term relationships.  The wisdom and experience she has gained from these will translate into the bedroom.  This wisdom will be bestowed upon you, the younger guy, who perhaps hasn't had that much experience.  She will have tricks and surprises up her sleeve.

4.  Older Women are Independent
The "no strings attached" situation.  She's not going to want to get married.  She may not even care to see you outside of the few times you have sex with her...  Being with an older woman there is a lot less stress, a lot less pressure, a lot less game play.  The sex can just be "great sex", and not necessarily bring all these other emotions into the relationship: "You didn't call me",  "Why didn't I see you for 4 days?", "Who were you speaking to?" etc.

5.  Older Women are Fun!
This is probably the best reason.  Older women make things fun and enjoyable.  It's about having a good time.  She's going to make is more entertaining, more fun and more comfortable!  Isn't that what this kind of relationship should be all about?

These reasons are part of what could make you a better sexual partner.

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