Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Having An Older Woman as a Lover - Can Be Addicting!

Sex with an older woman can be addicting!  It will also make you a Better lover.

Here are 5 reason why you should be with an older woman:

1.  An older woman or Cougar will teach you how to Communicate.
She is not afraid to tell you what she like or how to go about it.  "I don't like this" or "Why not try it this way?"  She is comfortable communication what and how she likes things done, and in turn this will make you more comfortable to communicate back the things you enjoy.
The best partner is one who listens and knows how to communicate.

2.  Older women are less Inhibited.
Usually they are proud of their bodies, as they take care of themselves.  They eat right, they work out and feel good about themselves.  They are confident and have high self esteem.  A couple of stretch marks here and there is not a crisis, and it's not the end of the world if you arrive and her hair is still wet from the shower.  She is ready to get a little sloppy and dirty - this will in turn make you feel less inhibited.

3.  Older Women have more Experience
She has usually had multiple partners, been married before or had long term relationships.  The wisdom and experience she has gained from these will translate into the bedroom.  This wisdom will be bestowed upon you, the younger guy, who perhaps hasn't had that much experience.  She will have tricks and surprises up her sleeve.

4.  Older Women are Independent
The "no strings attached" situation.  She's not going to want to get married.  She may not even care to see you outside of the few times you have sex with her...  Being with an older woman there is a lot less stress, a lot less pressure, a lot less game play.  The sex can just be "great sex", and not necessarily bring all these other emotions into the relationship: "You didn't call me",  "Why didn't I see you for 4 days?", "Who were you speaking to?" etc.

5.  Older Women are Fun!
This is probably the best reason.  Older women make things fun and enjoyable.  It's about having a good time.  She's going to make is more entertaining, more fun and more comfortable!  Isn't that what this kind of relationship should be all about?

These reasons are part of what could make you a better sexual partner.

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Misconceptions About a Cougar - Will This Change Your Mind?

1. A Cougar is an old Woman who trolls bars to look for Younger Men

Cougars are independent, bright, and beautiful women.  They are women who are aware of their appearance and take care of themselves both physically and financially.  Misconceptions about cougars are rampant, with some perceptions even seeing them "waiting, watching, calculating... gearing up to sink her claws into an innocent young and handsome cub who happens to cross her path".  While some of them may enjoy bars, there is no need for them to chase after the younger men.  The younger men usually come to them.  Cougars are not looking for prey despite the nicknames which are so commonly used.  They are looking for an equal and as they have been unable to find it in men their own age, they look for younger men - or in some cases, just seem to attract younger men. Most cougars are incredibly "driven" women and as such, need someone with a lot of energy to keep up with them.

2.  A Younger Man will want Women is own age who have less wrinkles and/or love handles

There are many cougars who keep themselves very fit and toned, but even the idea that it's wrinkles/weight alone that will determine someone's interest in dating is insulting.  Not all younger men like models and just as there are many types of younger girls for men to be interested in, there are just as many types of cougars as well.  While sexual attraction is definitely part of the cougar and cub relationship, there are many other factors that can go into the relationship.  To say that this type of relationship is only based on surface attraction, and that it's the only thing that's keeping either of them together, is insulting to both parties.

3.  Cubs and Cougars have nothing in common

Despite the difference in ages, people are able to find common interests over any period of time.  Someone doesn't have to be around when the Beatles were popular to think that they're a great band.  Some cougars might love much of the other music that is popular right now.  To say that interests are specifically limited by age is more than a little naive.  Nowadays when the Internet makes almost all popular culture widely available, there is nothing to suggest that someone will be limited by the era that they grew up in.  There are some reports that say 20% of divorces are due to age discrepant relationships, that swings both ways, stating that one in five couples who divorce have at least a seven year age difference.  While this myth holds little water, most of the famous age gap divorces result in a lack of commonality between the two.  Will cougars have a different worldview due to the experiences that they've have compared to their cubs?  Probably!  But half the fun of being in a cougar and cub relationship is learning to bridge those gaps while experiencing new things together.

4.  An Older Woman will miss out on all the fun things that she could be doing with her life while a younger man struggles to establish himself and his career

This one is downright ridiculous because it isn't something this is exclusive to age gap relationships.  In fact there are many relationships between people of the same age where one partner could be restricted by the other partner while they "figure it out".  Dating an older man does not guarantee that they will be successful and established.  This also implies that the cougar is passive within the relationship - which is a toxic view in an relationship, but is certainly not true for cougars.  Older women are free to do their own thing while the younger man establishes himself and indeed, most of them do so.  They're also there to guide them and give them the advice of someone who has been there, done that already.  A cougar is an independent woman who has been fending for herself, there is no no need for her to wait while her cub is working his way up the corporate ladder.  She has a life and a career and will not be restricted in the least by her relationship, unless of course she wants to be.

5.  Cubs will eventually cheat on cougars with someone their own age

This is just wrong on so many level.  Infidelity is a personal choice that a person makes and the age of who they're dating has little to do with it.  If a cub cheats on a cougar it has nothing to do with her age and is because he is someone who is inclined to cheat.  The fact that he would cheat just to be with someone his own age again supposes that the relationship is not based on emotion, intellectual attraction, and connection, but on the shallow pretext of a sexual relationship which is just based on looks.  While this can be said to be true for some cougar/cub relationships, those are usually some form of "no strings attached" relationships and if you stray while in one of those -  it's not generally thought of as cheating.  That's the whole point of those relationships.  If a cub cheats, it wouldn't be because of the age, but because of something else that is wrong with the relationship and if that something else is wrong, it wouldn't matter whether you and your cub were both the same age or not.

There are a number of myths and misconceptions that get thrown around when discussing age discrepant relationships, but the reality is that the bond between cougars and cubs is quite often the same kind of bond that you may experience in similar aged relationships.  The actual issues or struggles in the relationship may be different, but it doesn't mean they love each other any less.  It doesn't give anyone a right to stereotype, and it's harmful to make assumptions.

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Monday, March 4, 2019

A Cougar Should Know How To Compliment Her ToyBoy

Women all love receiving compliments as long as they're genuine, they can make us feel great and brighten our day.  Men like compliments too, so here are a few ideas on how best to compliment the younger man you have met, and hope to make him your ToyBoy.

Compliments are all about the other person
Focus on them indirectly.  For example, say "You look fabulous in that shirt!" rather than "I like how that shirt looks on you".  If you want to really make him feel good, try say, "You make that shirt look good".

Be genuine about the compliments you pay
Compliment him the way you would want him to compliment you.  You would probably hate to know it was faked.  Find something that you really like about him, don't just say anything.  If you can't find anything to compliment him on, then it's better to simply say nothing.  If you're honest with yourself you should probably be questioning if you really want to pursue this ToyBoy at all!

Make eye contact and smile when pay a compliment  
Show that you are confident in yourself by making eye contact and smiling.  Just seeing you smile will be a compliment in itself.  As long as it's not a fake smile, it will make him feel good about himself.

Highlight something in his outfit that catches your eye
Mention something that you find interesting or original about his outfit.  It could be a watch, sunglasses or maybe an unusual pair of shoes.  Also, instead of general remarks like "that's a nice shirt", say "you look great in that shirt".  It's more personal without being too familiar.

Keep your admiration of his body parts to yourself
It is really inappropriate to compliment someone you've just met on their body parts.  For one thing you don't want to degrade yourself, neither do you want him to get the idea you just have sex on your mind...  Rather say: "You have a really great positive attitude" or "I like your interesting outlook on life".  Better still is "Your outgoing personality brings out the smiles in everyone around you".

Don't ramble on - it get boring
Keep your compliments short and to the point.  Speak in a friendly, engaging manner.  If you sound boring and emotionless when complimenting him, he will simply loose interest and walk away.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Why I Prefer Dating a Cougar than a Younger Girl

ToyBoy Dating
Should I be dating an older woman? Let us face it; we all admire attractive older women. Back when I was in primary school, I had always fantasized about older women, including my teachers. However, what is it about these older women that makes them so appealing?
Dating older women has become increasingly popular lately. People have tried to point out many reasons why older women are better than young ones but it is still hard to point out why, because it is never as apparent as liking a younger lady. I choose mature women because they tend to be easier targets than younger women but some research on mature dating highlight many other reasons as well. Here are some of the reasons why I prefer dating a Cougar to a younger girl -

Maturity of Mind
Older women are generally more mature and therefore have less drama compared to young girls and this is something I find very pleasant. They do not worry about trivial issues and neither do they end up taking every word or act personally. They know what they desire; they are really busy with their lives and consequently have no time for unnecessary disagreements and drama. It would be correct to assume that Cougars are clear about what they want from their relationships because they fix the terms and know what to expect.

They Are Not Insecure
Cougars are not only less self-conscious about their bodies, but they will also not fuss over where their men are and what they have been doing. They know exactly what they want and this makes the dating more fun.  They are also not afraid of expressing their intentions when it comes to the sexual role and this makes them even more attractive to me.

Unlike younger women who may possibly be in their very first relationship, cougars are experienced women when it comes to dating and relationships. Therefore, they are in a better spot to control the relationship and to keep it burning. Apart from knowing how to handle the younger men, these groups of women are also very adventurous in bed and this is something that makes them very attractive to younger men.

They may be mature, but they are self-confident, particularly about their looks. They will obviously do something to look attractive but they do not worry about their physique. For them, it's either you take it or leave and this kind of confidence makes them more attractive.

Less Time Demanding
Cougars have lives independent of their man and this means they have things to do to keep them occupied. They are not as demanding as younger women who feel like they need to be around their men all the time. This gives me a sense of freedom to also live and enjoy my time as I wish. They know what they fancy and will get it when they want it, therefore they do not end up being over demanding of the young men they date and this is a plus for me.

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Cougar Dating – A Popular Trend in Modern Times

We live in an era where the older, modern woman is far more confident, independent and liberated than ever before.  She is more successful in her career, often holding leadership positions in organisations with a large degree of responsibility.  Along with this comes the pride of success and achievement.  She has high self-esteem.  She gathers the trappings that go with the successful lifestyle – property, car and clothes.  She takes care of herself by having a healthy diet and visits the gym regularly.  
We are describing a Cougar!

By comparison, many men as they get older and reach middle age tend to be less bothered at keeping up appearances of a well-toned body and start to slip into a lazy lifestyle.  This can lead to a lack of interest from women in their social circles.

It should come as no surprise that the Cougar will start looking at younger men to compliment her.  She loves nothing more than to be respected, adored and she loves to show herself off with a younger man at her side!  In modern times it is becoming very common to see an older woman with a younger partner. 

What does the Cougar expect from the young man she dates or goes on to form a relationship with?
She expects him to be well mannered, have a good sense of style and good social skills.  It is important that he takes good care of his body in order to look his best for her.  At all times he should treat her with the respect she feels she deserves.  A softer, sensitive side is also important as he must also be able to pander to her emotional needs.  All women love to be surprised with inventive dating ideas and gifts.  The young man should bear in mind that gifts do not always have to cost a lot of money.  A gorgeous bunch of flowers goes a long way to please any woman!  The younger man should always be aware of who is in control of the “hunt” – it is undoubtedly the Cougar!

Where does the Cougar seek out a younger man to date?
For anyone wanting to meet new friends, date, or pursue a more meaning relationship the whole world is available to them.  There is no reason not to look at or belong to the numerous Cougar Dating sites available catering to their specific wants and needs.  Many have the option of specifying exactly the type of person you would like to meet – even to height, size and hair color.

Once a Cougar has dated a younger man she will never go back!

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Cougar Fling Could Make Your Holiday Very Memorable

There is a certain allure to a short term relationship, when both parties know that the relationship is on a time constraint and will not end up in marriage or happily-ever-after. And a fling with a cougar - older woman with a taste for younger men - can be something that will leave you with an impression for life.
The thing about a cougar relationship is that it is not meant to last anyway, the age difference makes sure of that. So you are both free to enjoy the relationship in "the moment", without the implied pressure of "where is this relationship going", no plans for a future and no worries if she talks a lot or if he lacks ambition.
Perhaps you are on a vacation in Greece and you will be going home in a week, and she is from someplace thousands miles away from you. Perhaps you both want to get physical but don't want to get emotional. Reasons vary but people do engage in flings and affairs every once in a while.
If you're not on a vacation and want to engage in a cougar fling just for the experience, you have two options. One is to do it the old fashioned way, visit the bars where young men gather, look for older women and approach them. You will need to build up your confidence and work on your appearance, and be prepared to spend a lot of time searching.
The smarter route is to try online dating. You can do the whole searching part from the comfort of your own home, and often you can search by the location, age group, appearance and body type, and any other information that is important to you, such as does she have children.
The best place to meet an older women looking for young men is on a specialized cougar dating site.  There are usually far more women than there are young guys on such sites and you will have very little trouble finding a cougar date.    
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