Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Why I Prefer Dating a Cougar than a Younger Girl

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Should I be dating an older woman? Let us face it; we all admire attractive older women. Back when I was in primary school, I had always fantasized about older women, including my teachers. However, what is it about these older women that makes them so appealing?
Dating older women has become increasingly popular lately. People have tried to point out many reasons why older women are better than young ones but it is still hard to point out why, because it is never as apparent as liking a younger lady. I choose mature women because they tend to be easier targets than younger women but some research on mature dating highlight many other reasons as well. Here are some of the reasons why I prefer dating a Cougar to a younger girl -

Maturity of Mind
Older women are generally more mature and therefore have less drama compared to young girls and this is something I find very pleasant. They do not worry about trivial issues and neither do they end up taking every word or act personally. They know what they desire; they are really busy with their lives and consequently have no time for unnecessary disagreements and drama. It would be correct to assume that Cougars are clear about what they want from their relationships because they fix the terms and know what to expect.

They Are Not Insecure
Cougars are not only less self-conscious about their bodies, but they will also not fuss over where their men are and what they have been doing. They know exactly what they want and this makes the dating more fun.  They are also not afraid of expressing their intentions when it comes to the sexual role and this makes them even more attractive to me.

Unlike younger women who may possibly be in their very first relationship, cougars are experienced women when it comes to dating and relationships. Therefore, they are in a better spot to control the relationship and to keep it burning. Apart from knowing how to handle the younger men, these groups of women are also very adventurous in bed and this is something that makes them very attractive to younger men.

They may be mature, but they are self-confident, particularly about their looks. They will obviously do something to look attractive but they do not worry about their physique. For them, it's either you take it or leave and this kind of confidence makes them more attractive.

Less Time Demanding
Cougars have lives independent of their man and this means they have things to do to keep them occupied. They are not as demanding as younger women who feel like they need to be around their men all the time. This gives me a sense of freedom to also live and enjoy my time as I wish. They know what they fancy and will get it when they want it, therefore they do not end up being over demanding of the young men they date and this is a plus for me.

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