Monday, March 4, 2019

A Cougar Should Know How To Compliment Her ToyBoy

Women all love receiving compliments as long as they're genuine, they can make us feel great and brighten our day.  Men like compliments too, so here are a few ideas on how best to compliment the younger man you have met, and hope to make him your ToyBoy.

Compliments are all about the other person
Focus on them indirectly.  For example, say "You look fabulous in that shirt!" rather than "I like how that shirt looks on you".  If you want to really make him feel good, try say, "You make that shirt look good".

Be genuine about the compliments you pay
Compliment him the way you would want him to compliment you.  You would probably hate to know it was faked.  Find something that you really like about him, don't just say anything.  If you can't find anything to compliment him on, then it's better to simply say nothing.  If you're honest with yourself you should probably be questioning if you really want to pursue this ToyBoy at all!

Make eye contact and smile when pay a compliment  
Show that you are confident in yourself by making eye contact and smiling.  Just seeing you smile will be a compliment in itself.  As long as it's not a fake smile, it will make him feel good about himself.

Highlight something in his outfit that catches your eye
Mention something that you find interesting or original about his outfit.  It could be a watch, sunglasses or maybe an unusual pair of shoes.  Also, instead of general remarks like "that's a nice shirt", say "you look great in that shirt".  It's more personal without being too familiar.

Keep your admiration of his body parts to yourself
It is really inappropriate to compliment someone you've just met on their body parts.  For one thing you don't want to degrade yourself, neither do you want him to get the idea you just have sex on your mind...  Rather say: "You have a really great positive attitude" or "I like your interesting outlook on life".  Better still is "Your outgoing personality brings out the smiles in everyone around you".

Don't ramble on - it get boring
Keep your compliments short and to the point.  Speak in a friendly, engaging manner.  If you sound boring and emotionless when complimenting him, he will simply loose interest and walk away.

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